Machine Learning Models For Directed Curation Of Design Solution Space

   August 28, 2017

DesComp Thesis Completed by Christian Sjoberg (2017)- Presented at ACADIA 2017

Link to full Thesis Document

Internet of Plants: Queen’s Clever Garden

   August 28, 2017

INTERNET OF PLANTS: Queen’s Clever Garden, By Lina Tehari Spring 2017 StudioLab

Living in cities can be problematic for many people, some of these problems can be solved by embedding technology and connectivity into the very fabric of the city. By applying the concept of “Clever City” and...

Animal: An Agent-Based Model of Circulation logic for Dynamo

   August 28, 2017

By Christian Sjoberg, Chris Beorkrem, Jefferson Ellinger, and Alireza Karduni- Presented at ACSA 2017
Link to full paper

Invisible People; An Urban Responsive Digital Interface

   August 22, 2017

By Noushin Radnia, Spring 2017 StudioLab

INVISIBLE PEOPLE is a social awareness project that gives everyone an ability to envision and engage with the community they live, in order to empower the larger society around them.

An access to an open resource for communication. The story is...

Urban Activity Explorer, a Visual analytic interface for Social Media

   June 4, 2017

Data and Design: Using Knowledge Generation/Visual Analytic Paradigms to Understand Mobile Social Media in Urban Design

VAIRoma- Visual Interface for Spatial/ Temporal analysis of Big Data

   June 4, 2017

Eric Sauda, Wenwen Dou, Isaac Cho, Bill Ribarsky

Augmented Reality- HoloLens

   June 4, 2017


By Eric Sauda and Alireza Karduni

Research has been conducted on augmented reality (AR) for several decades. Early work by Azuma helped defined the field [1], and more recent research by Bolter and Barfield has investigated strategies for engaging users[2, 3]. Recent advances in head mounted hardware and software by Microsoft and Google have poised AR for...

“User Agreement” - Five movements in a prepared music field

   June 4, 2017

“User Agreement”

for soprano and chamber ensemble
five movements in a prepared music field

  • music composed by Ian Dicke
  • Scott Christian, percussion; Mira Frisch, cello; Lindsay Kesselman, soprano; Jessica Lindsey, clarinet; Jenny Topilow, violin
  • World Premiere, Monday, 21 August ...

VALSE- Computer vision tool for large scale occupant evaluation.

   May 4, 2017

Recent advances in computer vision are bringing automated analysis of human motion within reach. We have developed the SENSING Toolkit, a framework for collecting and storing long-term, large-scale human motion. Our framework is designed to use a computer vision system, including a network of cameras installed in large indoor spaces, such as building lobbies or healthcare facilities. The...